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During his studies, he also began to teach classes. The Tower directed by Christian Schwocho. A focal point of his work are his literary-artistic evenings about classical and romantic composers. Furthermore, he is an author and dramaturge who has published his productions and received awards for his work. Another focal point of his work are his literary-artistic evenings about classical and romantic composers. Mit der ersten Klappe begann alles und die faszinierende Sprache des Bildes stellt die Herausforderung.

Lukas Christoph Schergaut was born in in Dresden. After finishing his Abitur he studied history, music and politics as well as German and English Literature and Culture in Dresden and visited the University Leipzig for courses in Theatre and Philosophy. He continues to be active for newspaper publishers, public institutions and businesses in PR and also project management. Besondere musikalische Impulse erhielt sie in Meisterkursen, z. Marlit Mosler is a freelance stage and costume designer from Weimar. Besides her work as a stage and costume designer she is also involved in illustration and photography.

The Dresden-born art and church painter Michael Donath completed his training from in the publicly owned operation VEB Monument Care "special skills: colours". He moved to the firm of Steffen Schmalhofer, one of the most renowned restoration firms in Saxony. In he earned his meister title and started an independent business which today is led by his wife Jacqueline Donath and further includes four permanently employed church painters and two trainees.

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He now receives contracts for reconstructive and restorative painting from owners of townhouses, and villas across all of Germany and internationally. His speciality is the imitation of stone that finds application in much of his work. Michael Klose completed his studies in architecture at the TU Dresden in In the same year he opened his studio in Dresden Kaitz, in he moved to the nearby town of Arnsdorf. In he opened another studio in Dresden Neustadt. The forest became a dominating motive for him; since he is also working on the topic "Bridges- Blaues Wunder" and since his work centres around the "Blue Light" with large scale aquarelle paintings.

Study trips often lead him to Southern Tyrol. His works are part of the Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden. Er nahm an einigen Workshops Teil z. Sein Schauspielstudium absolvierte er im Jahr Ein Jahr spielte er in verschiedenen Theatern als Gastschauspieler z. For further information, please follow the link here. Peter Anders was born in in Dresden. He grew up in Dresden, and later in Radebeul. After his diploma in , he went to work at the Theatre Stralsund. Already in the beginning of the 19th century, a choir was founded. After a long pause, the choir was re-established in In the choir was renamed Richard-Wagner-Chor Graupa e.

In Gernot Jerxen became choirmaster after Prof. Robby Langer was born in in Saalfeld, but grew up in Dresden. He studied cultural science. Since he is a freelance actor, musician and public speaker. He works as an actor, singer and director. He counts a wide variety of appearances as singer and actor at festivals in Germany and Italy. Johannes Wulff-Woesten was born in Jena in He studied conducting, composition and the piano in Weimar from to In he joined master classes in composition.

He was the assistant of Giuseppe Sinopoli and worked in Milan and Rome. Since then he has worked in countless productions with a focus on chamber music. Wulff-Woesten emphasises other cultural societies in his works through musical renderings of poetry of the Chinese, the Romanians or the Jews. His interest in the cultural encounter on an artistic level has a big impact on his music. He is well known for his unusual usage of rhythm in his music, which is very emotional, sensitive and theatrical.

Thomas Martin was born in and raised in Dresden. Nowadays he works as a freelance actor with engagements throughout Germany. The actor Thomas Stecher was born in in Berlin.

The ticket for the evening performance is also valid as the ticket for the Salon. Krepelin und T. Der Weg ins Freie wurde zu einem Gang auf touristisch erschlossenen Infrastrukturen. Sinnlich und praktisch erproben die Teilnehmer vor Ort die Wirkungsweise einzelner Methoden. Im Workshop ist ein Picknick includiert.

He collected the individual motives in over sketches, details studied right in the middle of nature. In his studio, he drew on these studies to compose his painting. The models for almost all of his single motives can, by and large, still be found today. Werner Busch invites the audience to join his search for the places of inspiration and tries something very old-fashioned: To understand the exact appropriation of nature in the studies of Caspar David Friedrick and come to grasps with his aesthetic process, which gives every painting an abstract order. Werner Busch returns to the historical and aesthetic place of Caspar David Friedrick and opens up a new way of accessing the work of one of the most important and most fascinating German painters.

The camera operator and director Ernst Hirsch is considered one of the most renown filmmakers of the GDR. With his over documentary contributions, he specialised in films about the treasures of the Dresdener Kunstsammlung and portraits about his native city. At the same time, he collected historical film evidence of the old Dresden. It's premier on GDR television was well received.

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In Hirsch was called to join the Saxon Academy of the Arts. Workshop "landscape perception as self- experiment - a walk in Graupa " with K. Krepelin and T. They were driven not only by personal interest and aesthetic stimulation but also by societal rituals and collective ways of thinking. The path in the open air became a walk within a tourist- oriented infrastructure.

During the years of the Romantik around the walk into the landscape became a projection room and field of interest for the masses. The workshop will look at different elements and practices of design, that impacted this process of experiencing landscape. Sensually and practically participants will try the effect of different methods locally. On the 8th July , at 9. After the ceremonial cocktail-reception in Bad Schandau you could have lunch in the 5-star-hotel Elbresidenz. Enjoy, preferably together with your guests, the excellent cuisine on the banks of the river Elbe with a view to the rock formation Schrammsteine.

In Bad Schandau a boat off the Decin shipping association will take over the precious cargo for transportation to Decin.

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You will enjoy this romantic paddle boat tour with one of the most important painting of the 19th century- an unforgettable day filled with inspiration from landscape and art. The introductory account is filled with symbols and signalling abbreviations and recounts an occurrence in the life of the mysterious "Altwurm" old worm , which enters the romantic painting and leaves his traces there.

It is these traces the reader must follow as he overhears the conversations of two magicians and over whose shoulder he looks into a whole new world of paintings. His concept of the "Gesamtkunstwerk" Total work of art is defined in the overlap of poetry, music and painting, word, sound and colour. His music is filled with tonal colours. What had been seen until the 18th century as forest property, hunting grounds or potentially dangerous travel route began now increasingly to be viewed aesthetically - as landscape - by a section of the city population.

This city dweller's view of nature and rural life is subjective or influenced by collective ways of thinking.

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Thus around all over the Dresden area valleys and peaks were developed. By means of path laying, the erection of monuments, huts, artificial ruins and temples, the planting of certain plants and the freeing of certain views the initiators interpreted the landscape in certain ways and influenced the understanding city dweller's gained of the landscape. Caspar David Friedrich and Richard Wagner are among the contemporaries who presented themselves as walkers or hikers in this context.

The Wagner Salon will follow the tracks of the walker around to connect with significant themes and locations, highlight the role of music in the use of beautified landscape and shows current perspectives of this approach to design and art.

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Look forward to an exciting presentation with various insights into the artistic riches of Peter Schreier! All visitors are warmly invited to surrender to the scenic thought world of the romantic artist during a unique journey in moving images.

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Give them hope, cause they deserve to live a life like everyone else. German : Auf einer Wiese ganz ruhig und still eine Grille. I can not control my tears. German : Zwei kleinere Eier in einer Reihe. Margarethe schlafend. German : Die Kuh rannte bis sie fiel um.

Hartmut Haenchen is one of the leading Wagner-conductor of our days. However, his recordings with his Orchester C. E of Bach and Mozart also border the legendary. In a dialogue with Dr. Peter Ufer Prof Haenchen will present his new book "Werktreue und Interpretation" faithfulness and interpretation.

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For further information, please click here. Its founding certificate dates it back to The greatest personalities of the world music scene, like for example the conductor Eugen d'Albert and Richard Strauss, played concerts in Teplice. During the summer the orchestra played around 18 symphonic concerts and during the winter it performed a cycle of symphonic music. For additional information, please click here.