On The 12th Date of Christmas (Secret Santa #2)

12 Days of Christmas Secret Santa Gift Ideas
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Contemporary Romance On the 12th Date of Christmas is such a novel idea!


Yes, small pun intended. I fell in love with the sweet idea of someone trying to win back the love of their life through the magic of Christmas. It has a classic feel, like a timeless Christmas story I would want to tell over and over again.

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We got a small glimpse into her life and the foreshadowing of a struggle in her relationship with her boyfriend Jonas who eventually leaves town. Nikki Lynn Barrett sticks to her writing style, giving a perfect combination of suspense and romance. Ben continues to steal the show, as well as my heart. I was given a free copy by the author for an honest review. Otherwise, I wouldn't have picked this to read for myself, I'm not big on holiday movies or books. However, this book has changed my mind.

It's a wonderful story about Robin and Jonas. I was pleasantly surprised. There were genuine feelings, hard struggles, and reality throughout this novel mixed with addiction to find out what happens. The characters make you wish you could be friends with them and share in their lives.

“On the First Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me…”

I'm interested now in the other book in this series, and would be happy to read how Cheyenne and Jacob find their HEA. The story of Robin and Jonas. I have fallen in love with Jonas. He has made mistakes in the past but knows what he wants now, and that is Robin. He is willing to stand up for his desires.

He has so much patience with Robin, with her anxiety issues. She has always been the "to go girl". Jonas helps her so much to bring back the magic and joy of Christmas. I highly recommend this book for a Christmas read.

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Shows the true meaning of love and forgiveness. Robin deals with anxiety attacks do to a mugging she had. She has lost her Christmas spirit and doesn't know how to get her self back together. They have a past and while she is leery of giving him a second chance she agrees to give him a chance even if he did break her heart before. Jonas gets her to agree to 12 dates to show her he is a changed man.

He wants to get her back to the way she was before and has his work cut out for him. Robin will have to le Robin deals with anxiety attacks do to a mugging she had. Robin will have to learn to let go of the ghost from her past in order for her and Jonas to have a chance. Robin is different than she was in the first book.

A mugging has left her scared and prone to anxiety attacks. She is very caring and loyal to her friends Cheyenne and Jacob along with Cheyenne's kids. They are very special people and she is her old self with them. She is still a very sweet caring girl who has been through a lot. Jonas seems like a sweet guy who is trying to live his life for him self and not his parents. He has also been part of a tragedy that changed the way he was.

I really liked him and how he tries his best to help Robin and doesn't push her. I adored this book. Robin and Jonas are perfect for each other. I hate that Robin has suffered and seems weak at first but she truly comes back stronger I believe. I fell in love with her in a previous book and I love how Jacob and Cheyenne treat her just like family. Robin has to come to terms about her mugging and also her past.

She has a lot of things thrown at her at once but she never stops being there for people when they need help. Jonas also has to come to terms with his parents and changes from what he was. This is a book about two peoples journey into their past and trying to see if they have a future. I love all the characters except Eric and Jonas's parents. The author has created characters that touch you deeply and you never want to let go of them. If you haven't ever read one of her books make sure you do as she is wonderful.

Dec 22, Katie rated it it was amazing.

I have read a few books by this author now and this one was everything that I have come to expect from Nikki Lynn. She always manages to create such likeable characters and heart-warming stories. I read this as a standalone but it is part of The Secret Santa series and I believe the characters do appear in the other books but each book focuses on a different character. Poor Robin is let shaken and her spirit in humanity broken after she was mugged. Until Jonas comes back into her life. Jonas wants to get Robin back so he comes up with a cheesy holiday themed challenge — twelves dates in twelve days!

I loved the storyline between Robin and Jonas, she was clearly hurt when he chose his parents over her but he was determined to show her that he still loved her and was willing to pull out all the stops to get her back.

12 Days of Christmas Secret Santa Gift Ideas

It just goes to show that sometimes people do deserve that second chance! A lovely heart-warming story that will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit! I definitely recommend it! Dec 10, Rebecca Austin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Robin Sorenson is struggling to put the pieces of her life back together.

The last year has been incredibly difficult with her break up from Jonas Aimes and a mugging that has left her unable to go to her own home. She continues to have panic attacks and just wants the ability to get on with her life. When Jonas Aimes returns to beg Robin for another chance he has no idea how much she is struggling. He begs her to give him 12 dates to show how much he cares about her and how he is no longer being Robin Sorenson is struggling to put the pieces of her life back together.

He begs her to give him 12 dates to show how much he cares about her and how he is no longer being influenced by what his parents say and think. Will Robin allow Jonas a second chance when she knows she is likely to get her heart broken again? Will Jonas's parents still try to interfere in their relationship? This is such a great series with amazing characters! I really loved getting to know Robin in The Secret Santa Wishing Well and in this book you got to see more of the strong and amazing friendship between Robin and Cheyenne.

In this one it is more Cheyenne who is there for Robin but the two have the type of friendship that many women would love to have with someone! Jonas was really trying to prove to Robin how much he had changed and he worked super hard at finding special things to do with Robin. He was there for her anytime Eric came around and gained the trust of Cheyenne and Jacob. I was definitely surprised with what went on with Jonas's parents and how everything tied together. I also like how I believe the author is setting up the next book by giving us a glimpse of Petra and what she is going through.

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I currently hate Eric so we'll see how the author tries to get us to change our mind on him! One lovesick ex-boyfriend, two controlling in-laws, three revealed secrets, four new family members and whole lot more anxiety! They are both so young but had to deal with so much, it was very touching.

Jacob and Cheyenne from the first book were there as well and we got to see their happy ending evolving in this book which was personally my favourite part because I really enjoyed these characters hint, hint. I highly recommend it and cannot wait for the third book hint, hint … I received an ARC in exchange if an honest review This was a sweet story about Robin and Jonas.

We meet Robin who has had something happen to her, but as a reader you are not sure exactly what, enter Jonas, the ex boyfriend who left her and broke her heart. Both of these characters in their year apart from each other have had some pretty horrible things happen to the I received an ARC from the author, in exchange for my honest review of On the 12th Date Of Christmas. Both of these characters in their year apart from each other have had some pretty horrible things happen to them, but Jonas has learned he made the biggest mistake of his life letting Robin go, and will do anything to win her back, enter the 12 dates of Christmas.

This is such a cute way to get her to see he has changed. But this book was really well written and told a sweet story, great for this time of the year.