Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability: Redefining Our Relationship with Nature

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Ecomodernism 2018: Is Modernization the Path to Saving Nature?

How do organisms change size with changing temperature? The importance of reproductive method and ontogenetic timing. Living microorganisms change the information Shannon content of a geophysical system This link opens in a new window.

Sustainable Systems as Organisms? This link opens in a new window.

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Audiovisual Resources Streaming videos are viewable online. Interrelationships Among Organisms Understanding how organisms are classified leads to a genuine understanding of biology and the connections among living things.

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Plants are always caught up in storied histories The particular plant featured in the photograph, Cynanchum rossicum, is commonly known in North America as dog-strangling vine. DSV for short is an aggressive invasive exotic; it has infested large swaths of land in the Great Lakes Basin; it impersonates common milkweed to attract monarch butterflies whose larvae cannot feed on the leaves ; it out-competes and dominates native vegetation; it advances, deters and, of course, strangles.

As Brendon Larson points out in Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability: Redefining our Relationship with Nature New Haven, CT: Yale UP, , the discourse of biological invasion is born of mid-twentieth century, militaristic rhetoric in which alien species are understood as threats to national ecologies; like more obvious forms of xenophobia, this environmental story both organizes our biopolitical actions toward lives like DSV that are deemed undesirable in another language, always already killable , and prevents us from seeing other options, in this case, for C.

Plants tell stories Plants communicate chemically.

Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability: Redefining Our Relationship with Nature

Dog-strangling vine communities, for example, exhibit what is called the allee effect in which, once a plant group achieves a certain size, it begins to expand exponentially rather than arithmetically: the plants tell each other, phytochemically, that they have achieved a certain critical mass, and then they act accordingly.

What am I to dog-strangling vine?

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DIVScientists turn to metaphors to formulate and explain scientific concepts, but an ill-considered metaphor can lead to social misunderstandings and counterproductive policies, Brendon Larson observes in this stimulating book. Metaphors for Environmental Sustainability: Redefining Our Relationship with Nature. BRENDON At such moments, I feel an intimacy with the natural world.

One story might be that I am its maid and midwife, having participated in preparing ideal conditions for its reproductive flourishing, but I would be interested in learning more about my involvement in the chemical complexities of DSV storytelling. Such an agential reversal is, of course, unaccustomed in a milieu in which plants are almost always understood as beings whose capacities are, and should be, subordinate and instrumental to human needs nutrition, clothing, building material, design, technology of expression.

But telling good stories about plants might, here, involve a more active listening to theirs meaning also a better exchange of stories between scientists and humanists : an acknowledgment not only that we are not fully in control of their lives but also, possibly, that our hubristic instrumentality might not ultimately be sustainable for anyone involved.

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