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Marques que somien
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In total, over LI Spanish-L2 English learners, at all levels of proficiency, which mostly matches the one obtained in the corpus study. Corpora and experimental methods: a state-of-the-art re Granger, S. CD ver 1. Lozano, C. Interface conditions on postverbal subjects: a corpus study of , 13 4 On the relationship between phonological assimilation and ESL listening proficiency Gimson Word-final alveolars frequently assume the phonetic characteristics of a following bilabial , Norris , Ito and Field believe that these types of variation in word-final con However, research findings do not conclusively support the relationship between assimilation and ESL listening comprehension difficulties.

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Whereas Koster found that assimilation affects the recogni tion of the L2 words involved, Tarouza's results indicated that instability of word-final consonants does not affect L2 word recognition. These latter findings are The present study was then conducted with the aim of throwing more light in this area.

They were exposed to 30 pairs of phrases.

These monosyl labic two-word phrases, made up of high-frequency words, were selected from the BNC. The study also included 30 filler phrases. Each target phrase was repeated three times: either 1 twice assimilated and once fully realized or 2 twice fully realized and once assimilated. After hearing the first phrase, students were asked to indicate 1 whether the second or third phrase they heard sounded the same as the first or 2 whether the 3 phrases sounded different.

The stimuli were recorded by an adult, female, university-educated native speaker of American English. Results will be presented. Manoa: University of HawaiT Press.

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London: Eduard Arnold. Gow, D. Ito, Y. Janse, E. Coping with gradient forms of III deletion and lexical am. Dordrecht: Foris Publications. Norris, R. Recognizing words in continuous speech: how important are word-final consonants? Ur, P. All the pupils were taught Technology in English i. Oral language choices greatly depended on whether the learning situation was planned e. In the first case, the presence of the target language was greater Chavez, However, some differences were found between the two contexts and groups of users.

Although the instructors reinforced the students' spontaneous oral productions in English. Blyth ed. Heinle: Thomson. Ensenando idiomas desde las otras areas".

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Therefore the purpose of this paper is to describe a study which attempts to forge a tion methods. A total of 24 high and 24 low proficiency university EFL learners were videoed performing three different oral communication tasks in pairs. The recorded tasks provided the data to code for spoken teractional, compensation, conversation-flow maintenance, planning and evaluating strategies, categories which had been obtained from preliminary studies with a strategy questionnaire. These measures were then compared across tasks and between the two proficiency groups. Multiple regression analysis was lower proficiency learners use more strategies Griffiths, ; Chamot et al. The study suggests a complex picture for strategy use in which task seems to play a more important role than learners' proficiency.

This poster presents a longitudinal study being carried out which focuses on the impact of L2 English exposure stated in the curriculum on the L2 proficiency level of the students from 8 13 - 17 in four elite bilingual schools in Cali. The preliminary outcomes of this study highlight the influence of time distribution in the curriculum on the appearance of lexical, syntactic and idiomatic in terferences with the LI Spanish in a guided writing production task in the four groups compared.

Orientaciones para polrticas bilingues y multilingues en Garcia, O. Juan Garau, M. Mixing and pragmatic parental strategies in early bilingual Perez Vidal, C. Teniendo en cuenta dicha caracterizacion de la AF, se observa entonces que esta propuesta de instruction dista de la intuition y la conclusion cientificamente probada en psicologia cognitiva de que "la practica es la clave del exito".

En este sentido, de acuerdo con la Teoria del Control Adaptativo del Pensamiento Anderson, y sgtes. Por otro lado, para las habilidades de interpretation y production de los participates mediante tres tareas: a una tarea de. Anderson, J. A Review of Research", , 17, 3: Long, M. Beebe ed. Amsterdam: John Benjamin, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Doughty y J. Williams eds. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Nevertheless, the inherent difficulty of gathering naturally-occurring speech act data has led researchers to use written or oral procedures in the form of DCTs or role plays.

In the present study, our participants elicited refusals by means of a refined version of the traditional DCT and Schauer's multi media elicitation task MET. We aimed at comparing these two measures to collect data to ascertain if Findings of the present study concur with previous research i.

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Moreover, it is noteworthy to mention that Brown and Levinson's weak versus strong rank of imposition of each Brown, P. Levinson Cambridge: Cam bridge University Press. Duan, L. Wannaruk The comparison between written DCT and oral role plays in investi , 5: Felix-Brasdefer, J. Schauer, G. Interlanguage pragmatic development in requests.

Foster-Cohen, M. Sharwood-Smith, A. Sorace and M. Ota eds. Using a descriptive qualitative design, we analyse the effec English. We wanted to examine to what extent factors such as age, motivation or context impinge on the teaching of English pronunciation as perceived by members of the teaching staff.

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Marques que somien: Només les marques que somien sobresurten (Catalan Edition) - Kindle edition by Xavier Oliver Conti, Elisenda Serra Masip. Download it. Marques que somien: Només les marques que somien sobresurten (Catalan Edition) eBook: Xavier Oliver Conti, Elisenda Serra Masip: Kindle.

We also canvass how teachers at OSLs deal with these matters in their classes. The data were obtained from a questionnaire administered to five teachers working at two OSLs in the region of Murcia. Aspects such as the amount contents studied as well as the type of approach teachers adopt were addressed. The teachers' experience reveals that one of the most common problems is that of fossilised mistakes: students at OSLs are often dents are fully aware of the impact of the students' mother tongue in the acquisition of the new sound explanations given in class is mostly context dependent.

Teachers stated that they are not in favour of making use of phonetic jargon such as 'place of articulation', 'manner of articulation', etc. Instead, they will illustrate where and how a particular sound is produced in the mouth. The results show that teachers are overall satisfied with the way pronunciation is catered for at Murcian OSLs, pronunciation teaching of respondents acknowledge that accuracy and fluency are in no way neglected components in the phonetic training practice, intelligibility seems to take precedence over the former as the main final outcome.

This aptitude test consists of four parts: Part 1 taps sound-symbol association and vocabulary; Part 2, grammatical sensitivity; Part 3, the ability to hear and make speech sounds; and Part 4, rote memory and aural comprehension. In the norming study of the MLAT-E, girls consistently obtained higher scores than boys although the difference was not significant as measured by Cohen's Only in some parts did girls outperform boys in Part 2 and 4 in grade 4.

Both tests were vali dated in a bilingual Catalan-Spanish context using, among other measures, objective proficiency measures: for grades 3 to 7, a cloze passage and a dictation, and for grades 5 to 7, a listening test as well. Unlike the MLAT-E norming study, in the current study girls do not consistently obtain higher scores than boys. On the contrary, boys obtained slightly higher, though not significantly, scores as shown by the results of the Mann-Whitney U tests, except for the boys in grade 5 on the MLAT-ES, who obtained a medium significant increase in their total scores, also due to their significant higher performance in parts 2 and 4.

As for the language proficiency measures, there is a clear tendency for girls to score higher than boys grade 4 although differences are not significant. The results are discussed in terms of the different abilities tapped in the aptitude tests as well as the skills tested in the language proficiency measures across grades. New York: Psychological Harper, F. Kiss, C. The role of aptitude in young learners' foreign language learning. Nikolov Ed.

Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Kiss, C, Nikolov, M. Stansfield, C. Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona. The results from the spectral dimension supported the hypothesis as well. In other words, speech speech and more centralized in the fast speech. The formants of monophthong vowels in Standard Southern British English pro , Volaitis, L.