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Again, kudos go to all of the people who helped to make this film.

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I liked this film. It was dark, moody, atmospheric and with a few effective jump scares.


She did remember bringing him back from the dead ten years before in order to help her with her plan and how cold he'd been to her then. But it's a chick-lit, so throw in a multitude of secondary characters that make no sense to the real story , a mysterious old lady , a holiday fling, a casual fling and did I mention the mysterious old lady? She reaches out and touches the leaves, and the world of growing things is hers, as truly as it is ours, to enjoy while she holds the leaves in her fingers and smells the blossoms, and to remember when the walk is done. I Remember You is a beautiful story about love and friendship. Dean, in turn, began trying to remember the time sequence in his own mind.

Unlike many films of this genre, this one was practically bloodless. The movie was well photographed, too, capturing the bleak and unforgiving landscape that is the northern frontier. My issue, and why I didn't rate it higher?


You've seen everything in this film before. I couldn't help but notice there was cliche after cliche in this offering. Hell, this movie could've shot in rural New York, Washington, London and there wouldn't be any stylistic difference. I fear that I'll forget about this flick two days from now, and that's a bad thing. They tried, though. There is that. You may watch it once with low hopes.

Starts really well but loses steam along the way. The plot is unique and yet not convincing enough. It is definitely worth a watch. It has beautiful scenery in locations seldom seen on film, but the story is too loose to develop any real tension. There's one effective jump scare, but that's it. And the confusing parallel timeline structure doesn't add anything to the drama. Best avoided. This was my first Icelandic movie and I didn't expect much but I was amazed to find out how good it is. Just like any other mediocre horror there are jump scares but the element of mystery is what holds your attention.

Tweekums 24 March This Icelandic chiller is effectively two stories in one.

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In the one a psychiatrist, Freyr, is brought in when a woman is found hanged in a church. It looks like an obvious case of suicide but she has numerous crosses carved in her back suggesting abuse. As the case is investigated links are found to other deaths and the disappearance of a bullied child fifty years previously Lif, head to a remote abandoned village, where they hope to convert one of the houses into a guest house; they soon start to feel that they aren't alone.

This is a solid chiller doesn't really fit into one genre. There are elements of a mystery as we are invited to wonder who caused the dead woman's scars and what happened to the two children. There is also the question of whether the people in the remote house are seeing things that are really there are just imagining it due to the somewhat creepy nature of the location The bleak majesty of the local Icelandic countryside only adds to the atmosphere.

The two stories aren't categorically linked till the finale; although it is the nature of such films that people will assume a link There is little in the way of real horror, and few jump-scares, but it is still effective thanks to the way things are depicted and a minimal but skilled use of music. The cast is solid, making the characters feel like ordinary people.

Overall I'd recommend this for those looking for something a little different These comments are based on watching the film in Icelandic with English subtitles.

Björk - I Remember You

Pairic 25 March Two boys go missing 60 years and miles apart. In a remote part of Iceland the the disappearance of the boy 60 years ago is linked to the suicide of an old woman who has crosses carved in her back. She had been a classmate of the boy and several of his other classmates have died in mysterious circumstances. The psychiatrist helping the police is the father of the boy who has recently vanished. Three city folk are trying to establish a guest house in the area are also plagued by strange events and apparitions. Grief, loss and estrangement are central to the unfolding of this story as secrets are gradually revealed.

One ghost seeks revenge against those who bullied him, the other wreaks vengeance on those who unwittingly brought him to his death. Nordic noir is by far my favourite genre, so it happens to be the one i watch the most. And although i have like this movie, i only gave it 6 stars because for me the ending left me hanging baduntSs. Good acting, good suspense, amazing location, and i really liked the time difference thing. However, How did Benni get into that green thing? If kidnapping was not the case, was that the hardest game of hide and seek ever played?

Because if so, the story gets weaker. I wouldn't say I Remember You is a bad movie, not at all actually, but it's probably not a movie I will watch a second time though, and that's why I just gave it a 6 out of From a 7 are the movies I would watch again.

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The story is not bad, with enough mystery to keep you interested, but it is just a bit too slow and there are a couple things that could have used more explanation. The cast was good. I didn't know any of them and that's not a surprise since Icelandic movies are not the most common and popular, but that doesn't mean there are no good actors there. The setting is everything you expect when you think about Iceland, not much else to see than bare lands, mountains and lakes, and a cold winter atmosphere.

It's all well shot. The movie is worth a watch, but to me it could have used a bit more action and horror. Go watch it. Nuff said, Tinsel Town or is that ToyTown needs to learn from these people how to make a decent movie. Three young people renovatin a old get involed into a old mystery, at the same time a man who recently lost his wife, gets into the dilemma of the case. Based on a bestselling of Yrsa Sigurdardottir. I really enjoyed this movie. It was a great story line and very scary too.

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This movie has a lot going for it. It has some truly creepy moments, very solid acting on everyone's part, moments of good scoring despite some cliched choral passages , and a promising story line. Unfortunately, for reasons I cannot understand, about two-thirds of the way through the script introduces a cliched, hackneyed domestic melodrama plot line which, while it does thematically connect with other aspects of the story, could have been dispensed with in favor of something less predictable and inane.

I'm avoiding going into detail because I don't want to drop spoilers in case you decide to watch this movie.

I myself have little patience for scripts that are inconsistent and which suffer under choices which the writer should have known were bad ones. The conclusion, while apropos of the story that precedes it, is also something we have seen time and time again in similar movies. It's frustrating to see what could have been and memorable movie become ultimately rather forgettable.

If you're hard up for a ghost story flick and you've seen everything else out there, I Remember You is probably worth a look, but it's not one that's going to be on my own re-watch list; which, for the sake of context, does include the likes of Ringu, The Ring, The Grudge Japanese , Dark Water Japanese , The Fog original , The Haunting original , The Innocents, Pulse and Retribution both Kioshi Kurosawa , and the number of others that I watch repeatedly because they avoid most of the mistakes made by I Remember You. Scary film, beautiful shots of the Icelandic landscape.

RobLuvsTheMountains 21 November This is a very good movie. It has a lot of heart. There are some genuinely scary moments. I would say this movie is a ghost story and a mystery. Read More Edit Wiki. North-west wind blowing outside like a song, inside hear strumming, the rhythm is strong.

"I remember you" translation into French

The wood fire is crackling and the embers are bright, and the memories are flowing like fine wine tonight. Old times are gone times and new times are here, we cannot live on through our full lives in fear. Of old age or whatever the future might hold, just growing up boys, we're not growing old. We remember you well, of you to our children will tell.

I Remember You (Yui song)

Thank you for picking us up when we fell, go happy now and farewell. Old friends are leaving like leaves from a tree, on the high winds of life they are blown and set free. From from a world where they've known all the toil love and pain. Of the good years, the lean years, it all seems the same. But we can't help but feel sad for the good ones who've gone.