How to Handle Diversity in College and the Workplace Successfully

Workplace Diversity Through Recruitment:
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In this diverse workplace article, The Economist points outs that people think diversity sounds like a good idea and pay it a great deal of lip service, but in reality they think differently to the point that some HR consultants are concerned about diversity fatigue.

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President of WorldMoneyWatch. Amadeo also explores the many economic benefits of diversity and explains how diversity makes more money for companies. The article also explains that diversity plays a key role in growing a strong, inclusive economy that will last over time.

What Does An Effective Diversity Program Look Like?

Provide a toolkit or guidelines that employees can follow to encourage them to set up a new ERG. Explore is a one-day early-identification program for college freshmen and sophomores, while Start is an internship experience for top-performing, diverse college students in their sophomore and junior years. Recruiters are required to make recruiting more engaging and faster Helps you to understand the meaning of culture and cultural conditioning. Follow Us On. There are multiple levels of integration that are needed, including social connections and issues related to workplace equality like fairness of pay, work responsibilities, and more.

Writing for the Harvard Business Review, Frank Dobbin, Harvard University professor of sociology, and Alexandra Kalev, Tel Aviv University associate professor of sociology, take an in-depth look at why diversity programs are failing to increase diversity. Dobbin and Kalev explore the factors that led to diversity in the workplace and the work companies need to do to promote diversity positively and successfully.

As the authors put it, there is a gap between intention and reality. Written in the how-to style, this leadership guide is designed for CEOs who want to increase workplace diversity. As the guide points out, promoting diversity benefits the bottom line but companies must approach the hiring process holistically and take an active role in helping diverse workers feel comfortable and adjust to the work culture in order to curb turnover.

Ekaterina Walter is a Forbes contributor and Wall Street Journal bestselling author who explores the benefits of diversity in terms of modern business innovation.

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To prove his point, Dickson highlights five ways in which companies that actively seek out and embrace diversity gain advantages over their competitors. Three key points we like from 5 Competitive Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace:. People who think in different ways boost innovation, creativity, and problem solving within their companies.

A partner at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, Diana Rodriguez-Zaba understands that diversity in the workplace is not reserved for large companies and enterprises; indeed, small businesses also need to embrace diverse workplaces to increase productivity and sales and to be a real member of the community. She explores the benefits of creating workplace diversity in her HuffPost article. It encourages companies to embrace diversity in order to gain a competitive edge on a global scale while recogniing that there are some challenges associated with doing so.

Three key points we like from 13 benefits and challenges of cultural diversity in the workplace in Principal at Moementum INc. Code recognizes that is the year minorities are projected to become the majority of the U. Rather than showing that companies are keeping up with the changing face of the U.

A Step-By-Step Guide

Stop Thinking of. Build Connections to Create Talent Pipelines.

Head of customer marketing at When I Work and co-founder and CMO of Upgradeio, Rob Wormley provides an in-depth look at diversity in the workplace in this article, which also points out that there are two types of diversity: inherent and acquired. Wormley also reminds readers that diversity goes beyond culture and includes ideas.

Written as a tutorial, the article encourages readers to think more broadly about diversity to create a fair and equal workplace and reap the benefits of doing so. HR recruits and retains diverse workers and communicates with employees and executives at every level about the importance of diversity, yet sometimes contributes to problems with diversity rather than being the solution.

Andrea Cook urges readers to consider managing diversity in a company like hosting a lively dinner: you assemble the right mix of people while working to bring them together, make them feel comfortable, and keep the conversation moving. When companies fail to manage diversity properly, employee turnover rises, employee relations are impacted, and companies are at risk of being charged with discrimination. On the other hand, building a diverse workplace and managing it properly has far more advantages than disadvantages, as Cook makes clear in her article.

CultureIQ enables companies to make positive, measurable changes in order to strengthen their culture. When it comes to diversity in the workplace, CultureIQ writer Taryn Barnes explains that it is a critical component of a business and explores two of the main reasons leaders should actively recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

What Are the Advantages of a Diverse Workforce?

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In her Houston Chronicle article, Rose Johnson points out that companies are making strides in achieving workplace diversity because we are in an era of economic globalization. Yet, companies still have a long way to go to create the diverse workplaces that will give them a competitive edge.

Two Types of Diversity Training That Really Work

VP of marketing at Emergenetics International, Mark Miller explores the value of cognitive diversity in the workplace in his article. Miller explains that cognitive diversity in the workplace is just as powerful as strong leadership and great communication because it creates an inclusive, collaborative, and open space that empowers people to create and share ideas. Aneri Pattani is a journalist who explores the findings of a study that suggest women and minorities are penalized when they advocate for diversity. As a result, white men in positions of power are the ones who will need to make strides in promoting diversity in the workforce.

Ollila offers tips for fostering cultural diversity in the workplace and ensuring employees feel accepted. A leading provider of diversity and inclusion training tools and the top diversity calendar, Diversity Resources covers cultural diversity in the workplace in a series of articles.

This is the first part of that series and focuses on four essential skills companies must possess in order to manage diversity in the workplace effectively. A helpful article for those looking to begin creating a diverse workforce, How to Foster Diversity in the Workplace offers a brief guide for doing so and provides a concise overview of it. The article also reminds readers that retaining a diverse workforce is just as important as creating one. Does Your Workplace Lack Diversity?

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An associate editor of The Institute, Monica Rozenfeld examines whether employee referral programs are responsible for a lack of workplace diversity in her article. As Rozenfeld points out, recommending candidates is a popular practice for finding talent but hiring people referred by employees can lead to less diversity in the workplace. Employee Referral Programs Might be to Blame:. But what happens once the hiring is over?

7 Ways To Handle Diversity

Will the company culture prove inclusive enough to make people want to stay? Tough questions like these challenge a generation that insists there are no differences when it comes to various groups, says Bentley University professor Donna Maria Blancero , coordinator of the course Human Behavior and Organizations. Stewart, who teaches the course, strives to create a classroom culture that defies that.

A truly diverse workforce has access to a wide range of perspectives that grants businesses extra flexibility in the face of industry-disrupting changes. However, not all diversity training programs succeed. In fact, many fail or have the opposite effect as what was intended. Trainers tell us that people often respond to compulsory courses with anger and resistance—and many participants actually report more animosity toward other groups afterward. There are many companies that have successfully implemented diversity training to improve their workplace environments.

By taking a look at these successful diversity training in the workplace examples, businesses can learn how to better implement their own training programs. Not very long ago, NetSuite, an enterprise software company, launched a new mentoring initiative that has helped improve the diversity of its workforce. As noted in a Fast Company article , the program:.