Do we need Nuclear Power in the UK?

Nuclear power in the United Kingdom
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Reactors are also complicated things to build.

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You only have access to basic statistics. Our comprehensive Trade Directory offers the details for all member organisations. UK electricity generation How many nuclear power plants will be built? Our quarterly magazine covering the latest developments within the nuclear industry. Isn't renewable energy generation cheaper?

A new reactor in Finland is at least 11 years behind schedule , thanks to problems with the reactor design. Nuclear energy is also dangerous. Even without such accidents, nuclear power creates radioactive waste at every stage of production, including uranium mining and reprocessing of spent reactor fuel.

Sellafield: Europe's most radioactively contaminated site

As the cost of truly clean energy plummets and the price of nuclear energy spirals out of control, nuclear power companies are shelving their plans to build plants in the UK. Instead of backing nuclear power, our government needs to invest in renewable energy including wind and solar power.

What role does nuclear power play in UK and what are alternatives?

Today EDF Energy, the company building the vast 3. This might seem only of interest to EDF shareholders, given the controversial subsidy deal for the plant means consumers are protected from cost overruns.

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Nuclear power in the United Kingdom generates around a quarter of the country's electricity as . We should be concentrating our efforts on renewables and greater energy conservation." On 10 January , Alan Duncan MP issued a. Does Hitachi decision mean the end of UK's nuclear ambitions? . But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do. The Guardian.

Ministers want more nuclear power in the energy mix alongside renewables, to meet carbon targets and provide continuous electricity supply. But the more delays and over-runs there are, it will add to concerns that consumers will be left to pick up an ever-increasing bill, he says.

EDF Energy says that learning lessons from Hinkley means that spiralling costs may not happen with a second power plant. But that may not be important.

No to Nuclear Power

The other nominated sites are Heysham and Hartlepool. In January , Hitachi announced that it was suspending development following a failure to agree financing and commercial arrangements. NuGeneration proposed to develop up to 3.

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For more information, see the developers page. UK companies, from top-tier suppliers to specialist SMEs, can potentially supply around 60 per cent by value of the work required for the current nuclear new build programme.

To compete, many companies will have to develop new capabilities and build new relationships with industry leaders. The civil nuclear supply chain presents particular opportunities for the metals industries.

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A nuclear power station contains many tens of thousands of tonnes of steel in a variety of forms.