Die Realität des Reality-TV am Beispiel der Familienserie Die Fussbroichs (German Edition)

Die Fussbroichs 2016 - Die einzig reale Familienserie (2017)
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Die Fussbroichs 2016 - Die einzig reale Familienserie (2017)

Lauren Armstrong My friends are so angry because they don't know how I have all this high quality ebooks. Kirsty Watson It's very easy to get high quality ebooks here, thanks! There has to be an innovation that combines all these needs. Time to take a look at a science fictional future: Star Trek - and their one idea that combines all these aspects - the holodeck.

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Finally, taking into con- sideration how far advanced the technology is and what lies ahead to create the holodeck? The voyage starts by looking at the current developments and what lies ahead to boldly go where no one has gone before. The task of the research paper broadly defined the hypothesis in the direction of future developments in the world of media.

The future of television was selected due to the dynamic pace of technical advances in this area.

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Starting by brainstorming to narrow down the task, the vision of the holodeck as a future development of TV was created. The research then began with a broad analysis of literature related to TV, its history and its future. For the last innovation, personalized TV, the research was based on three different sources.

Additional literature, describing these approaches, was read. The hologram technology was the next aspect to focus on. Another aspect focused on, was the overall evolution of media and the integration of the holodeck within this evolution. The last part of the research was to describe how the future innovations of TV are combined in the holodeck. Twenty-five years ago public broadcasters were in the majority, the internet, though already invented, was not very common.

In fact, only five million households in West Germany were connected to the cable network. Production and distribution of content was only analogue.

Broadcasting, telecommunication and cable networks were sepa- rated completely. Today there are hundreds of TV channels, which provide thousands of hours of content analogue and digital. Looking at the significant change in data use, the questions remain: why do people use media and what effect does it have on them?

The Uses and Gratifications Theory tries to find an answer to these questions. Accord- ing to A. Rubin , there are nine recurring motives for television use: relaxa- tion, companionship, entertainment, social interaction, information, habit, pass time, arousal and escape. In the following years other motives such as parasocial interaction Palgreen , surveillance and voyeurism Bantz were added as cited in Pa- pacharissi, , p.

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Looking at the four main innovations, each of them has differ- ent factors of media use and has different effects on the audience. Be- side the traditional way of watching television, there are also new ways possible.

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Watching TV is not restricted to a specific time. Video-on-demand offers the possibility to watch television at any time desired. Additionally, viewers are not restricted to a spe- cific channel either, because a database of millions of movies, series and TV-shows al- lows the consumer to choose their specific television programme the way they want to have it. Connected TV also provides the opportunity to watch TV anywhere the con- sumer wants to watch it because it is not restricted to the television set anymore. Tablets, PCs and even Smartphones offer the possibility to watch movies or series in any imaginable place Adam, The reasons for using for this technology are different.

The user is not dependent on the programme anymore, he can decide when he wants to have specific information, be entertained or escape Rubin, as cited in Papacharissi, , p. TV is more controlled by the audience than ever before.

Controlling when to experience is also provided by the holodeck. It is not limited to time, but limited to a specific place. The holodeck cannot be carried to any place, it is fixed. Ad- ditionally, the same database necessary for video-on-Demand is necessary for the holodeck, so that people can choose from different stories and adventures.

Die Realit�t Des Reality-TV Am Beispiel Der Familienserie Die Fussbroichs

Comparing web TV with the traditional way of watching television, it is apparent that the traditional way lacks the lively communication component. Traditional TV is so- cially amputated. It enables the viewers to share their experiences directly, either via facebook or twitter, or on completely new platforms. The TV experience becomes a group or team experience. The audience uses the social connectivity provided by connected TV for reasons of communication and social interaction. The Future of Television.