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A wife is supposed to have her husband's back no matter what but when you marry a. Mad prophets! Creepy Polygamists!

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Sadistic wealth vultures! All part of the quest. Tracey Jo Alura Jenson is an alcoholic housewife going through some problems.

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Don't let the sweet face fool you. She may have started out as a submissive but Charlotte. The cuckold Husband - Jenna Reid knows her husband can't do a man's job. She brought. Eric John is a high demanding boss and husband.

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After a really sweet entry with our Favorite Fan I Jason looked like he was in deep thought, and then he asked me to describe Leonard again, in greater detail, and tell him everything that I knew about him. It sounds like he must not be getting much action at home.

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My goodness, honey, you might have just been fucked and sucked by, and sucked one of my big bosses! Oh shit, what the fuck do we do now? Jason just stared at me while I thought about it for a few moments. And besides, we have a great relationship, and he wanted to suck and fuck me with you there the next time anyway. I had no idea when or if I would be able to get Jason to join me with Leonard. But the following weekend something happened that made it easy. It was Friday evening and Jason and I were leaving the condo to go out to dinner. When the elevator came down to our floor and we stepped in, I was surprised to see Leonard and his somewhat frumpy wife in casual clothes, with a suitcase.

And congratulations to you my boy, I had no idea that you have such a charming, beautiful, and young-looking wife. And please call me Leonard. Our number is in the condo directory, and you can just give us a call to confirm. We got home at pm, and I saw that we had a voice mail from Leonard.

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Be sure to dress slutty for me and be creative like you were last week. Jason was a nervous wreck on Saturday, as we cleaned our home and went shopping for dinner. After getting everything ready, I took a long shower and then dressed in my tightest yoga pants with no panties and a tight, bare midriff camisole top, with no bra.

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My thick camel toe and milk-swollen, 34F breasts were obscenely displayed in that outfit, and I was aroused just thinking about how the scenario might unfold. The only reason I came was that, Mitchell, one of the other vice presidents, told me what a lovely wife you have, and how she was, shall we say, very enthusiastic at convincing him not to fire you a year ago, before you were transferred to my department. I came out of the kitchen, and even though Leonard had previously seen me naked, drained my breasts, and fucked me twice, he still looked at me lustfully in my slutty, revealing clothes.

Simms, and thank you so much for coming. Dinner will be ready in about fifteen minutes, so please have a seat on the couch, and Jason will fix us some drinks. Your looks are even more intoxicating than Mitchell described them to be. Please call me Leonard. When Jason told me that he messed up and lost the bank those two big commercial loan opportunities, I was afraid that he might be at risk of losing his job. I was hoping to convince you that he is a very loyal employee, and that we, both of us, will do anything to help him keep his job. We had dinner, and the whole time Leonard was explaining what a terrible fuckup that Jason had caused, and how much pressure he was under to fire him.

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I want to find out if you really meant that you would do anything to help Jason keep his job. Both of my nipples were starting to leak milk, and I also smelled my pussy since my bulging vulva was soaking wet in anticipation of being fucked.

Cuckolded by the CEO

Leonard put his arm around me and rubbed my breast, as Jason watched us from the chair. Her big breasts are already leaking, and I can smell her ripe pussy, that is so wet, just waiting to be fucked.

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I think I know what she is willing to do to help you keep your job, but I want to hear it from you. Say it, boy, tell me what a worthless piece of shit of a husband you are for giving your beautiful young wife to your boss, a man old enough to be her grandfather, to suck and fuck, and to inseminate her adulterous cunt.

My big load of semen and sperm might also give her my baby, for you to help raise. And tell me what you are willing to do for me. I love watching her being used by mature, well-hung men, and especially my big boss. Please suck her big, milk-filled breasts, and fuck her slut pussy as much as you want to. But please, sir, let me keep my job.

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I want you to undress Maddie and me and pull back the covers for us, and then watch me as I suck her breasts and swallow her tasty milk. And then I want you under me, sucking my cock as I suck her breasts, in a sign of true contrition and surrender to me. We went into the bedroom, and Jason quickly pulled off my yoga pants and camisole top.

Leonard began sucking my breast, as I looked down to see Jason taking that big cock into his mouth. Then, Leonard continued sucking as he slowly rolled over on top of Jason, and began fucking his mouth with slow, long strokes. I heard Jason gagging a little as that big cock hardened and pushed into his throat.

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Leonard had been sucking me for about fifteen minutes and was ready to change sides to suck my other breast. After about five minutes, Leonard continued sucking me as he pushed Jason out of the way and rolled on top of me.

Then Jason looked on as Leonard pushed his huge cock into my hairy, wet, receptive pussy, pushing into me to the balls. He fucked me hard for ten minutes, with me having one orgasm after the other, until he pulled his mouth off my breast, and kissed me as he filled my womb with his seed. The he pulled out and looked down happily as Jason sucked my pussy clean of all that cum. That was just the beginning of a long night of sucking and fucking, and Leonard stayed with us in our bed all night. That was just the beginning of a long sucking and fucking relationship that Jason and I had with Leonard, and we got together at least once a week.

After a while, I enjoyed being sucked by and fucking him so much that I stopped taking his money. I started getting more, special customers from the brothers, once they learned my enthusiasm for pleasing the customers and my earning potential. And although I was making a lot more money with the customers than I was for selling my milk, I still had to keep up the pumping and sucking schedule, and selling my milk, so I could maintain my milk volume. I also continued the medication, since it helps me keep the heavy milk flow that the customers like so much.