A Year In Vietnam With The 101st Airborne: 1969-1970

Vietnam War
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DIRTY SECRETS of VIETNAM: Men of the 101st Airborne Division

North Vietnam fears a deal to their disadvantage. Air Force begins Operation Linebacker, the sustained bombing of North Vietnam's military installations, storage facilities and transportation network. The campaign aims to destroy the Communist's ability to sustain it's Easter Offensive by cutting off supply routes into North Vietnam and by stopping any NVA reinforcements from entering South Vietnam. For the first time North Vietnam is prepared to accept a cease fire without insisting on the removal of South Vietnam President Nguyen Van Thieu or the creation of a coalition government.

Reunification is to be achieved through peaceful means. Contains a U. In response, Kissinger tells the press "We believe peace is at hand" November 4 th Hanoi agrees to resume negotiations with the U.

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Army participation in the war December 13 th The Paris peace negotiations collapse 14 th Nixon warns the North Vietnamese that they have hours to return to negotiations. The ultimatum is rejected. The most intensive bombing campaign of the Vietnam War, Linebacker II is designed to force the North Vietnamese to come to a quick agreement on the cease fire and targets the Hanoi and Haiphong areas 28 th Hanoi agrees to reopen negotiations in Paris 29 th Nixon suspends Linebacker II, though the bombing of military targets in southern North Vietnam continues 31 st U. President Nixon visits Peking and meets with Mao Zedong.

Five burglars are arrested for breaking into the Democratic National Committee offices at the Watergate building in Washington D. General Frederick C. Thieu publicly states that he will never sign an agreement that imposes a coalition government on South Vietnam or allows North Vietnamese troops to remain in the country. Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board investigators were unable to determine the exact sequence of events which led to the accident, but concluded that the probable cause was icing.

At the time it was 17th most disastrous aviation accident in terms of fatalities.

Inside Thirteen

President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy traveled to Fort Campbell to comfort grieving family members. On 8 March , two U. Army Blackhawk helicopters assigned to the st Aviation Brigade collided while on a night training mission at Fort Campbell. All 17 soldiers aboard were killed. The Army's accident investigation attributed the crash to pilot error, aircraft design, and the limited field of view afforded pilots using night vision goggles NVGs.

In the st Airborne was reorganized as an air assault division. Army quickly adopted this concept of offensive operations initially utilizing wooden gliders before the development of helicopters. The st Airborne has earned a place in the U. Army's new battlefield doctrine called AirLand Battle. Second, commanders are urged to utilize the entire depth of the battlefield and strike at rear targets that support frontline enemy troops.

Third, agility requires commanders to strike the enemy quickly where most vulnerable and to respond to the enemy's strengths. Fourth, synchronization calls for the commander to maximize available combined arms firepower for critical targets to achieve the greatest effect. On 17 January the st Aviation Regiment, fired the first shots of the war when eight AH helicopters successfully destroyed two Iraqi early warning radar sites.

The st Airborne Division had struck miles behind enemy lines.

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Approximately helicopters transported 2, soldiers into Iraq where they destroyed Iraqi columns trying to flee westward and prevented the escape of Iraqi forces. The division has supported humanitarian relief efforts in Rwanda and Somalia , then later supplied peacekeepers to Haiti and Bosnia. In August , the 2nd Battalion, th Infantry Regiment , as well as some elements from the nd Infantry Regiment , helped secure the peace in Kosovo and support the October elections for the formation of the new Kosovo government. Lehr, the battalion fought fires throughout the surrounding areas of their Valley Complex near Darby, Montana.

The st also performed combat air assaults throughout the operation.

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The division quickly deployed its 3rd Brigade, the th Infantry's Rakkasans , as the first conventional unit to fight as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. After an intense period of combat in rugged Shoh-I-Khot Mountains of eastern Afghanistan during Operation Anaconda with elements of the 10th Mountain Division , the Rakkasans redeployed to Fort Campbell only to find the st awaiting another deployment order. Elements of 1st Battalion, th Infantry Regiment participated in joint operations with U.

In , Major General David H. General Petraeus led the division into Iraq saying, "Guidons, Guidons. This is Eagle 6. Op-Ord Desert Eagle 2 is now in effect. Air Assault. The division was in V Corps , providing support to the 3rd Infantry Division by clearing Iraqi strongpoints which that division had bypassed.

The division then served as part of the occupation forces of Iraq, using the city of Mosul as their primary base of operations. The st Airborne also participated in the Battle of Karbala.

Airborne and Airmobile

The city had been bypassed during the advance on Baghdad, leaving American units to clear it in two days of street fighting against Iraqi irregular forces. Special Forces killed Qusay Hussein, his year-old son Mustapha , and his older brother Uday, during a raid on a home in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. After about four hours of battle the whole operation lasted 6 hours , the soldiers entered the house and found four dead, including the two brothers and their bodyguard.

What's Happening?

cantrodalata.cf: A Year In Vietnam With The st Airborne: eBook: Harry G. Enoch: Kindle Store. A Year In Vietnam With The st Airborne book. Read 7 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The author was one of many reluctant soldi.

There were reports that Qusay's year-old son Mustapha was the fourth body found. Frank Helmick , the assistant commander of st Airborne, commented that all occupants of the house died during the fierce gun battle before U. Once replaced by the first operational Stryker Brigade, the st was withdrawn in early for rest and refit. As part of the Army's modular transformation, the existing infantry brigades, artillery brigade, and aviation brigades were transformed.

The Army also activated the 4th Brigade Combat Team , which includes the 1st and 2nd Battalions, th Infantry Regiment and subordinate units. Both battalions were part of the st in Vietnam but saw their colors inactivated during an Army-wide reflagging of combat battalions in the s. As of December , members of the division have died while on service in Iraq. The division's second deployment to Iraq began in the late summer of The division headquarters replaced the 42d Infantry Division , which had been directing security operations as the headquarters for Task Force Liberty.

On 30 December , Task Force Band of Brothers also assumed responsibility for training Iraqi security forces and conducting security operations in Ninevah and Dahuk provinces as the headquarters for Task Force Freedom was disestablished. During the second deployment, 2d and 4th Brigades of the st Airborne Division were assigned to conduct security operations under the command of Task Force Baghdad, led initially by 3d Infantry Division , which was replaced by 4th Infantry Division.

The 1st Battalion of the th Infantry 4th Brigade was separated from the division and served with the Marines in Ramadi, in the Al Anbar province. Task Force Band of Brothers' primary mission during its second deployment to Iraq was the training of Iraqi security forces.

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Holmes, Billie D. The 23d Division claimed it identified memebers of the Viet Cong Infastructure, though some reports place the number as low as These two attacks led to the Tonkin Gulf Resolution, which basically declared war. This was the battle that turned people in America against the Vietnam War. On 7 January , the last three missions of the war were flown.

When the st returned to Iraq, there were no Iraqi units capable of assuming the lead for operations against Iraqi and foreign terrorists. As the division concluded its tour, 33 battalions were in the lead for security in assigned areas, and two of four Iraq divisions in northern Iraq were commanding and controlling subordinate units.

Simultaneously with training Iraqi soldiers and their leaders, st soldiers conducted numerous security operations against terrorist cells operating in the division's assigned, six-province area of operations. Operation Swarmer was the largest air assault operation conducted in Iraq since 22 April Developing other aspects of Iraqi society also figured in st operations in Iraq.

Division commander Major General Thomas Turner hosted the first governors' conference for the six provinces in the division's area of operations, as well as the neighboring province of Erbil.

H. David Cogley Papers, 1969-1970

While the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Brigade Combat Teams were deployed to Iraq —, the division headquarters, 4th Brigade Combat Team, the st Sustainment Brigade, and the st Combat Aviation Brigade followed by the th Combat Aviation Brigade were deployed to Afghanistan for one-year tours falling within the —09 window. The aim of the operation was to reclaim the strategic southern province of Kandahar, which was the birthplace of the Taliban movement. The area where the operation took place has been dubbed "The Heart of Darkness" by Coalition troops.

By the end of December , the operation's main objectives had been accomplished. The majority of Taliban forces in Kandahar had withdrawn from the province, [71] and much of their leadership was said to have been fractured. As of 5 June , soldiers had been killed during this deployment, the highest death toll to the st Airborne in any single deployment since the Vietnam War. It is known as the Battle of Barawala Kalay Valley. The 2nd Battalion, th Infantry Regiment, st Airborne Division would suffer 6 killed and 7 wounded during combat operations. It would inflict over casualties on the Taliban and successfully close down the Taliban supply route.

Since the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom st Airborne soldiers have died while serving in Iraq.

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There was also a training session on the operation of TOW missiles. Special Forces and U. The U. In the recent conflicts the st Airborne has been increasingly involved conducting special operations especially the training and development of other states' military and security forces and counter-terrorism operations.

It was announced 14 January that soldiers of the st Airborne would be assigned rotations in Iraq, to train members of the Iraqi ground forces in preparation for action against the Islamic State. They need your skill. They need your experience. On 26 August , an article from the website War is Boring shows a photo of a st Airborne Division M howitzer crew conducting fire missions during an operation to support Iraqi forces at Kara Soar Base in Iraq on 7 August On 31 August , Clarksville Online reported U.